Morgan’s Wonderland in San Antonio

We had the opportunity to spend Friday morning with some of our homeschool friends at Morgan’s Wonderland, an amusement park on the northeast side of San Antonio. While

This was our first trip here and I have to say, I really enjoyed the experience. We went early for the Mom’s Group, which meets twice a month and includes a reduced admission cost, a craft or activity for the kids, and admission to the park for the remainder of the day. This week the group met at the Fishing Wharf, which tied in well for our Growing Up Wild focus this month on Fish and Fishing. After finishing the craft (decorating Christmas ornaments), the kids in our group were able to do catch-and-release fishing (we obviously did not do this) on the Wharf – no one caught anything but spending time next to the water was loads of fun. Our friends had a blast driving motorized toy boats around from the pier, and exploring a few of the playgrounds on site. We took a relaxing train ride around the park to get a feel for all the park has to offer.

I was so impressed with Morgan’s Wonderland – they are a fully accessible park that really caters to disabled children and adults. Fully accessible playground equipment and rides, positive images of disabled “superhero” kids were all around the park, volunteers that were available to help visitors – it was such a great experience. While we don’t have any disabilities in our immediate family, I was just so impressed with the lengths to which Morgan’s Wonderland has gone to make the amusement park experience available to those with physical and developmental disabilities. I really look forward to supporting them with our future attendance.

Kyri in charge of her pirate ship.

Ender exploring the pier.

One of several playgrounds at Morgan’s Wonderland.

Ender having fun!

Kyri enoying the carousel.